Artefill Can Provide Long-Lasting Wrinkle Reduction

If you are looking for a way to get rid of those wrinkles around your nose and lips — known as nasolabial folds and smile lines — there is a great option.

Artefill is an injectable filler FDA-approved for the correction of these lines and wrinkles, as well as unsightly acne scars. Artefill consists of tiny, round, smooth granules known as PMMA (polymehtymethacrylate) microspheres, in combination with purified bovine collagen gel. It also contains lidocaine that will reduce any possible tenderness that may occur during and after the treatment.

Artefill actually acts to treat these lines and wrinkles in two ways. It acts first as a dermal filler to smooth out those lines. Secondly, it also stimulates the production of your body’s own natural collagen. As the injected bovine collagen slowly and naturally degrades, your body’s own collagen will replace it. This results in a support structure for long-lasting, almost permanent, wrinkle and scar correction.

The Artefill Procedure

Before undergoing an Artefill procedure, you will undergo a collagen skin test, after which you will return in approximately four weeks for the treatment. A fine hypodermic needle is used to inject Artefill into the treatment area to fill in the wrinkles and raise your skin to a normal height. Because Artefill includes lidocaine, you will probably not need any other type of anesthetic.

Over the next two to three months, Artefill will permanently anchor within your body for those long-lasting effects. After about three months, the full effect will be seen, and your lines and wrinkles will be reduced giving you that desired youthful look.

As with any injectable, you should expect some minor swelling and redness, which are usually temporary. In some cases, some mild bruising can occur that will subside within three to seven days. Other less common side effects include a rash or itching, or sensitivity at the injection sites. Rare side effects include granulomas and lumps, which can be easily treated by your physician.

If you are ready to get a smoother looking face with fewer wrinkles, consult an ArteFill-trained physician to discuss the positive benefits of this injectable filler. You’ll love the long-lasting results!

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