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Warts are small, usually painless growths on the skin caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV) which enters the skin through scrapes, scratches and other breaks in the skin. Most warts are raised with a rough surface in the shape of a circle or oval, but on occasion they can be flat with a smooth surface.

Warts can be spread through direct contact, but not everyone exposed to a wart will develop one, as each person responds differently to HPV.

The professional staff at Phoenix Skin Dermatology offer different treatment measures for warts depending on factors such as the type of wart, size and location. Different treatments include medication, surgical wart removal, or cryotherapy (frozen off). Some warts often need multiple treatments for complete resolution.

Different Types of Warts

Common Warts

Typically cauliflower topped bumps found most often on the hands, but can grow anywhere. Flat warts are a type of common wart, that are flat-topped with a smooth surface, generally found on the face and forehead.

Plantar Warts

Generally rough and spongy with dark pinpoints (these are typically tiny capillaries that supply blood to the wart). The color of these warts can be gray, brown, yellow or skin colored. Plantar warts are found on the sole, heel, or ball of the foot and can be painful due to walking or running on them.

Subungual and Periungual warts

Rough in texture with a cauliflower top, the periungual wart is commonly found around the fingernails or toenails, while the subungal wart is found underneath the fingernails and toes. Left untreated these warts can become painful and the larger they grow the more painful they will be until they elevate the nail to the point where it detaches from the nail bed completely.

Genital Warts

Phoenix Skin is the expert in diagnosing and treating genital warts and HPV in Phoenix, Arizona. Our professional staff in Phoenix and Scottsdale have been treating genital warts (also known as penile warts, anal warts, vaginal warts, rectal warts) and HPV infections for over 20 years in a private, caring and compassionate manner.

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If you think you have genital warts, please schedule an appointment with us at Phoenix Skin Dermatology. We offer online or telephonic appointment scheduling and Saturday office hours at our North Scottsdale location for your convenience and privacy. Want to know more about genital warts? Send an email to [email protected]

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