<center>Regain Your Youthful Eyes with an Eyelid Lift</center>

Regain Your Youthful Eyes with an Eyelid Lift

As we age, our eyelids stretch and begin to droop. An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, can bring back your youthful look. A cosmetic eye surgery on either the upper or the lower eyelids, this procedure removes excess skin and fat that may develop as a result of aging, gravity, and sun exposure.

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About the Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Laris makes a small incision where the natural crease should be in the upper lids, and below the lash line in the lower lids. The excess skin is excised and the extra fat is removed from the upper and lower eyelid.

Care is then taken to remove more tissue from the upper outer corners to give the greatest improvement where the wrinkling in the skin is most abundant. The incisions are closed, leaving a fine scar that is barely visible with time as they are placed within the normal creases and folds of the upper and lower eyelids.

The result is a younger, brighter appearance of the eyes and face and in some cases, widening of visual fields if excessive upper lid skin has partly blocked vision.

Something to Consider

While blepharoplasty will address concerns regarding eyelids, it will not change the position of eyebrows. Since drooping of the eyebrows often takes place at the same time as eyelids age, eyelid surgery is commonly performed with a brow lift. To read more about the brow lift, click here

Blepharoplasty Cost

Upper or lower lids are on special for $1900 each (regular price $2400)
Upper and lower lids are $3800 (regular price $4800 for both)

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complimentary consultation for the blepharoplasty.

See our Pricing Information and Frequently Asked Questions Below

Before & After Photos

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Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after
Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after
Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after
Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after
Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after
Phoenix Skin eye lid lift before and after


Pricing Information

  • Service Price
  • Upper Eyelids $1900
  • Lower Eyelids $1900
  • Upper and Lower Eyelids $3800

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + - How much does the procedure cost? Upper OR lower eyelids are on special for $1900 each (regular price $2400). Upper and lower lids together cost $3800.

  • + - How long does the procedure take? The procedure itself takes a little over an hour.* Total procedure takes 3 hours with pre-op, surgery and post-op recovery.*

  • + - What can I expect post-procedure? As with any surgery, mild to moderate pain and discomfort is expected, but managed with prescribed pain medication and cold compresses.*

  • + - When will I see the results? Once swelling subsides, the results are a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance of the eyes.

  • + - How long do the results last? Eyelid lift results lasts around 5-10 years, but depend on your lifestyle and will be affected by continued aging, gravity and the elements.

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