Laser Treatments and Procedures

Laser Treatments and Procedures

When you are looking for laser treatment options that combine the latest technology with caring, expert service, Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group has what you need. We have the most advanced options for laser treatment at both our Phoenix location and our Scottsdale facility.

We also boast a full staff of highly trained dermatologists and technicians with a wide range of experience. This means we can provide care using the widest selection of techniques and procedures available to keep your skin looking youthful and help you feel more confident.

Our laser treatment services can address a number of conditions. Whether used to treat a specific condition or for a cosmetic procedure to improve a patient’s appearance, we have the skills to assist our clients.

We can utilize our extensive capabilities to treat stretch marks, remove tattoos, resolve pigmentation issues, treat psoriasis and rejuvenate the skin. Led by our Medical Director, Dr. Lee Laris, D.O., we can provide care to patients of all ages.

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Full Expertise in Laser Treatments

We are the leading dermatologists serving the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas because we have the most exceptional team of physicians and physician assistants. Click on the links below to learn about the many treatment choices we offer, such as:

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No other specialists in the region can offer the same level of comprehensive services that we can. To schedule your appointment or to learn more about what we can do for you, you can either contact us online or call or offices.

You can reach our Phoenix location at (602) 222-9111 or our Scottsdale office at (480) 473-9111. We will give you a free consultation. Our board-certified doctors are ready to help you achieve the best results for your skin no matter what you may need.

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