Dr Laris’ Personal Beauty Secrets

My Personal Skin Secrets
by Dr. Lee Laris, D.O.

My patients at Phoenix Skin ask me everyday, Dr. Laris, what do you do for your skin or what are the best ways to look and stay youthful. This is the advice and skin secrets I tell them and for the most part, follow personally.

Protect yourself from the sun
The need to bask in the sun to achieve that “glowing complexion” is becoming a glowing concern at Phoenix Skin because it is obtained from being in the sun or tanning booths, both of which accelerate the skin’s aging process and increase your risk of skin cancer. If you have to be in the sun, make sure to slather on a good SPF such as Skinceuticals Sport SPF 45 or PCA Perfecting Protection SPF 30. It is made of zinc, which is superior in blocking both the UVA and UVB rays, applies easily, is sweat/water proof and does not interfere with make-up. You might ask yourself, is a fancy SPF really necessary? The answer is yes because most SPF’s sold over the counter do not contain a physical block like zinc.

Use high-quality medical skin grade products
Powerful, antioxidant-rich products such as Prevage, vitamins C & E and retinol growth factors are daily essentials when it comes to caring for your skin. These products not only assist in wrinkle prevention, but also build collagen and normalize damaged skin cells. A $10 moisturizer from the drug store or the over-priced creams found in department stores are not up to par with the medical grade products found in Doctor’s offices. Some of my personal favorites are Prevage MD (it is the strongest anti-oxidant on the market today), Skinceuticals Serums and the Obagi-C RX System – all of which are available at Phoenix Skin.

A little botox never hurts
There is a reason why over 11 million men and women have chosen treatment with FDA approved Botox Cosmetic, because it has proven results and amazing safety! Botox smoothes and softens moderate to severe lines and wrinkles, while still allowing your natural facial expressions to come through. It also prevents new lines from occurring and with continued use, your face will begin to “forget” to wrinkle and require fewer treatments over time. Phoenix Skin offers botox for the forehead, the eyes (crow’s feet) and between the brows (glabellar lines).

Juvederm and Perlane are my favorite dermal fillers
These hyaluronic acid (read more about hyaluronic acid) facial fillers are the best because of their versatility; they can be used to plump lips, volumize cheeks and soften fine lines and scars. The injection is quick, relatively painless and lasts for up to 12 months. It can provide a lift to cheeks, brows or jaw line without surgery or significant downtime.

Do not make negotiations with exfoliation
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells which give the skin a dry, dull appearance. Chemical peels and/or microdermabrasions are incredibly effective in removing these dead cells, thus improving the tone and texture of the face to make the skin have a natural glow. Our licensed aestheticians at Phoenix Skin can assist in determining what treatment is best for your skin type.

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