Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift

This is Phoenix Skin Dermatology’s Mini Face Lift at a Glance page. If you wish to read more and visit before and after mini face lift photos, please click on our detailed mini face lift page.

The mini face lift is a cosmetic procedure that corrects unsightly wrinkles and jowls, specifically in the lower portion of the face, resulting in a more youthful look. The mini face lift requires less down time than a traditional full face lift and it’s a great alternative for those not wanting a long, arduous recovery. Additionally, the price is significantly less; Dr. Laris is currently running a special for mini face lift- $4400 (regular price $5500)!

“A mini lift is one of my favorite procedures to perform. The fact that I can turn back the hands of time and take 5 – 7, or even 10 years off of the visual age of my patient in a few hours and with a few days of downtime always amazes even me. You can literally have this done in our office without being put to sleep, just light sedation and local anesthetic, and shower and shampoo hair the following day. Sutures are removed in 5 days and most people are back to work in less than a week. The best part is you don’t look like you’ve had something “done”, you just look refreshed, because I remove the excess skin and never pull too tight.”*
– Dr Lee P. Laris, D.O.

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