LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Also known as LED Light Therapy or Photodynamic Therapy, Red and Blue Light Therapy is a natural and painless treatment for all ages and skin types.* The combination of both lights or the red and blue light separately have many positive outcomes for patients with breakouts, large pores, sun damage and inflammation.

Red and Blue Light Therapy

When both the red and blue light are administered, the therapies combine the anti-inflammatory benefits of the red light with the anti-bacterial benefits of the blue light. This combination of both red and blue light therapy is clinically proven to be one of the most powerful, natural and safe treatments available for patients of all ages with acne or complexion problems.

Red Light Therapy

This light therapy has many rejuvenation benefits by reducing sun damage (pigment, redness and discoloration) and increasing collagen production, thus softening fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases cell growth, which in turn, speeds healing. Red light therapy can also help improve the appearance of certain types of stretch marks.* Results can be seen immediately*, bi-weekly treatments are highly recommended.

Blue Light Therapy

Acne or breakouts are caused by an overproduction of skin oil. The oil collects within the pore and blocks it thus causing blackheads and whiteheads to appear. There are bacteria present on the skin and within the pore which uses the oil as food and overgrows, resulting in pimples and cysts.

Blue light therapy kills the bacteria which clears the skin and prevents future breakouts.* For some individuals, blue light therapy may also decrease the size of pores. Bi-weekly treatments are highly recommended until desired outcome is reached.

How Do the Light Treatments Feel?

The light therapy is painless and because it is an LED, the lights do not get hot or have the ability to burn your skin. Your face might be pink for up to fifteen minutes following the treatment.*

Before & After Photos

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Phoenix Skin LED light therapy before and after
Phoenix Skin LED light therapy before and after
Phoenix Skin LED light therapy before and after
Phoenix Skin LED light therapy before and after


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  • Red & Blue Light Therapy $50
  • Red Light Therapy $50
  • Blue Light Therapy $50

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