Our North Scottsdale office offers Thermage Face and Thermage Body. To read more and for our before and after gallery, please click here.
Thermage procedures are designed to tighten your skin, smoothing out wrinkles. Most people choose Thermage treatments to help reduce the signs of aging. Think of it as an anti-aging Thermage face lift. The results are amazing! When you want to look younger, this non-surgical facial is a great option for you.

Thermage treatments are good for all skin types. No matter the color or texture of your skin, you can have a Thermage face lift with visible results. Anti-aging Thermage procedures can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scaring and sun damage. It’s a facial you can’t afford to miss! Thermage procedures are also great for those “pressed” for time. You can have your Thermage treatment on your lunch break and return back to your normal activities as soon as it’s over. There’s no surgery, no sutures and no downtime with this anti-aging facial treatment.* You get clearer, smoother skin, and Thermage face lift results that last!

Phoenix Arizona Thermage at our North Scottsdale office is a great procedure for your skin. Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection that’s older than you feel? Our Thermage treatment will be administered by a skilled practitioner who has the experience in Thermage face lift techniques that you need. Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” anti-aging treatment! Come to Phoenix Skin and get customized facial procedures for results you’ll love!

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