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This is Phoenix Skin Dermatology’s Botox At a Glance page. If you wish to read more and visit before and after Botox photos, please click on our detailed Botox page.

Botox treatments can reverse the signs of aging and give your skin a younger, firmer appearance. Take a look at our Botox before and after photos to see how dramatic and effective Botox cosmetic can be. Every day, you make facial expressions that over time produce wrinkles. Laugh lines, crow’s feet, and furrows in your forehead, all of these come from years of expression. Botox injections relax muscles to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Before and after results of Botox cosmetic treatments show a significant improvement in facial tone.

We all know the saying, “don’t frown”, but the reality is, wrinkles come with the aging of skin. Now, unlike years ago, you can reverse the signs of aging with Botox. For before and after results you can see, Botox injections with our Botox cosmetic treatment plan are the best choice for your skin.*

Botox treatments are offered at Phoenix Skin Dermatology’s two offices in Central Phoenix and North Scottsdale. Call to schedule your appointment today!
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