Juvederm Volbella Lip Fillers in Phoenix

Juvederm Volbella Lip Fillers is a filler made specifically to restore fullness and add shape to the lips. Volbella is designed to be soft and smooth, ensuring the most natural looking results for patients, proving to be a great option for non-surgical lip augmentation.

Volbella is an hyaluronic acid-based gel with the added benefit of lidocaine, to provide greater comfort during the treatment. Similar to Juvederm Voluma (that adds volume to the face), Juvederm Volbella lip filler has Vycross technology which creates better lifting and support for more natural and longer lasting results. Additionally, the Vycross technology results in less water absorption, and therefore less swelling than other lip fillers.


* Individual Results May Vary

Previous lip fillers at Phoenix Skin would only last 6-8 months whereas now with Volbella, patients are enjoying results for up to 12 months.* The injection is administered by Dr. Laris using an ultra -fine needle. Some swelling may occur and possible bruising at the injection site that can be covered with make-up.

Volbella, being specifically designed for the lips, can improve these concerns:

• Enhance or restore fullness to the lips
• Smooth fine lines around the lips that occur due to age or smoking.
• Define the contour of the lip by accentuating the border/outline of the lips
• Assist with asymmetrical lips by adding volume to one (upper or lower) in order to achieve balance.
• Enhance the definition of the “M” in the middle of the upper lip for some patients (also known as the cupid’s bow).


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* Individual Results May Vary

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