Chemical Peels

Phoenix Skin Dermatology’s licensed aestheticians offer a variety of chemical combinations that are safe and effective to use on the skin to treat conditions such as: sun damage, fine lines/wrinkles, active acne and scarring.

Chemical Peels & Facial Treatments

Glycolic Peel $50
Using a concentrated amount of gentle yet powerful alpha-hydroxy acid, this treatment will help jump start your skin’s cell turnover rate, while minimizing breakouts and fine lines. Produces little to no peeling post treatment.

Retinol Peel Boosters $75

Esthetique Peel & Ultra Peel II firm, smooth, and brighten all skin types by gently exfoliating the skin by way of retinoic and lactic acid. The retinol (vitamin A) content helps increase cell turnover to keep skin looking fresh, while vitamin C strengthens the skin by helping to increase the skin’s collagen and elastin network.

Pumpkin Peel $75

Rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes essential for optimal skin health. Brightens & smooths the skin by gently exfoliating and drawing out impurities. Excellent for dull complexions, rough texture, sun damage, and acne.

Sensi Peel $100
Gentle yet effective treatment for even the most sensitive skin types. Light exfoliation that combats aging, sun damage, acne, and even reduces inflammation.

Ultra Peel I $100

Effectively treats many skin types & conditions, especially dehydrated or mature skin, leaving the skin plump and supple. Helps improve pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, and acne.

PCA Jessner Peels $100

These enhanced Jessner formulations exfoliate and smooth texture while lightening and preventing pigmentation. Beneficial for acneic and oily skin types.

Ultra Peel Forte $125

Produces heavier amounts of peeling to reduce the appearance of more dramatic wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scarring. Most suitable for more resilient skin types.

Smoothing Body Peel $200 per area
Potent yet gentle blend designed for acne, sun damage, and rough texture on the body. Can be used to treat the arms, lower legs, upper legs, back, chest/shoulders, or hands/feet.

Obagi Radiance Peel $100
This gentle blend of salicylic, lactic, and glycolic acids exfoliates the uppermost layers of damaged skin, leaving a fresh, renewed, and radiant glow.

Obagi Blue Peel

Medium depth TCA peel designed to enhance or complement results achieved with the Obagi NuDerm Skin Care System. Best for pigment disorders like melasma, extreme sun damage, deep wrinkles, and acne scarring. Price available upon consultation.

Oxygenating Trio $75
Promotes healing and rejuvenation of sluggish, tired skin due to pollutants, sun damage, smoking, and aging. Stimulates circulation and draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, producing a healthy, radiant glow.

Customized Mini-Facial $100
Deep cleansing and balancing facial designed to meet specific skin needs. Includes cleansing, extractions, therapeutic mask, application of antioxidants and sun protection

Combo Peels
Prepping a chemical peel with a microdermabrasion helps to remove dead surface debris allowing for enhanced benefits and penetration of the peel. Read more about microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion Plus Peel Booster

• Includes application of Ultra Peel II or Esthetique Peel $125
• Includes application of Ultra Peel I $150

Micro-Glow Peel $175
Microdermabrasion plus Glycolic Glow Peel
This rejuvenating treatment combo will regenerate your youthful contours by gently exfoliating the outer layers of dead skin with no down-time. The power of glycolic acid is used to transform dull & lifeless skin to reveal a soft, smooth, and radiant complexion, leaving your skin glowing for weeks.* As dead skin is sloughed off, the cell-regeneration process is jump-started to produce healthier, more radiant skin tone and texture.

This treatment is particularly effective for improving acne-prone skin by dissolving inter-follicular debris build-up, but is safe for most skin types. Also helpful for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

How much peeling will I have after each peel?

How much peeling will I have after each peel?

If I don’t peel then does that mean the chemical peel wasn’t the correct peel for me?

No. Your skin will still absorb all of the ingredients in the solution allowing you to still see results and benefit from the treatment.

What is the difference between PCA Skin peels and standard chemical peels?

PCA Skin peels are unique blends of acids formulated to address many skin types and concerns. PCA has designed their peels to absorb into the skin at a much slower rate. This causes less surface irritation, dryness, or downtime.

How much does the procedure cost?

How much does the procedure cost?

How long does the procedure take?

The chemical peels are typically scheduled for 30-45 minutes as our Aestheticians also provide extractions if necessary, application of medical grade skincare products as well as recommendation for a product regimen if desired.

What can I expect post-procedure?

Mild redness may occur after the treatment and usually subsides within an hour. Most patients return to work and most daily routines immediately after treatment. Sunscreen must be worn at all times. Mild flaking is possible and can start within 48 hours and last up to 3-5 days post-treatment.*

When will I see the results?

A smoother, cleaner, more even, and radiant skin texture/tone will be noticeable within a week after treatment.*

How long do the results last?

Chemical peels are recommended as a maintenance treatment for many concerns such as acne, pigmentation, and overall skin health. It is recommended to have chemical peels done every 4-6 weeks to maintain your results. The more often the peels are done the longer your skin maintains a healthy glow.

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